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While most adults will be familiar with the sensation of something not settling right in their stomach, indigestion is a symptom that may cause a patient to endure persistent discomfort in the upper abdominal region. Indigestion can be explained by additional symptoms like pain in the stomach and fullness following eating, but could additionally be a signal of other various digestive situations. For help regarding how to manage, relieve, or get care for indigestion in Dallas, TX, read through our ideas listed below. You might also consider requesting a consultation with our gastrointestinal providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas to get the best professional treatment possible.

Indigestion may sneak up on you when you least expect it, resulting in your day taking a turn for the worse. It is vital to be aware of the signs and understand them so that you can receive the professional intervention that is required. Some of the signs of indigestion may include:

  • Premature satiety during a meal
  • Bloating in the upper abdominal area
  • Uncomfortable sensation in the upper abdominal area
  • Discomfort due to fullness following a meal
  • Burping
  • Feeling of burning in the upper abdominal area
  • Nausea

If you have struggled with one or more of the symptoms listed above or are finding your indigestion difficult to manage alone, it is likely time to request a consultation with one of our Dallas, TX providers.

Indigestion could become concerning if the discomfort become a persistent issue. If you've been experiencing the above-listed symptoms for more than two weeks, it is likely that a diagnostic visit with one of our GI providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas is in order. If your pain is in combination with things such as persistent vomiting, problems swallowing, weakness or fatigue, or black, tarry stools, we suggest you visit our office promptly. For additional ideas on what we can do to assist you, request a consultation with our team as soon as possible.

Indigestion can be a problematic and persistent condition, but reprieve might be closer than you think. Our expert gastroenterology providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas will work diligently to provide you with the answers you need to experience your life free from the discomfort caused by indigestion. To take the first steps toward curing your indigestion troubles in Dallas, TX, please call to request a meeting with our practice.

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The best way to state how I feel about Dr. Odstrcil is to use the words of my very NON-dramatic husband, "Dr. Odstrcil literally saved your life." I had a very active case of pan-colitis which required me to receive blood transfusions every other week, and drop 80+ pounds. There was some improvement by the time I went to see Dr. Odstrcil for a second opinion; however, from the very first visit she would not be satisfied until I was in complete remission. I have been in official remission since February 2013, something my former two doctors could not achieve as they were "waiting for the medicine to work". My husband now also sees Dr. Odstrcil for Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease. She is the only doctor he would see, and trust. l have witnessed him suffer with likely cases of strep throat and flu because he does not have faith in most doctors. Dr. Odstrcil and her assistant Liz, take time with patients and actually make seeing a GI physician a pleasant experience. Thank you Dr. Odstrcil!

C.S. Google

Dr. Hill is fantastic!

M.W. Google

You did great, the pills prescribed to help wirh the indigestion works great.

N.H. Google

Dr. Nadir and his team are amazing!

T.S. Google

Dr Zafar has changed my life. I used to live with random severe pain, no one could give me any answers until I found her. She is a wonderful dedicated doctor. Thank you Dr Zafar!

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