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Primary sclerosing cholangitis, or PSC, is a chronic liver condition that is similar to PBC (primary biliary cholangitis); however, it involves the bile ducts located outside and inside the liver. The condition causes the bile ducts to become irritated, scarred, damaged, and constricted, which can ultimately lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Bile is vital to normal bodily function. It aids in digestion and helps with the elimination of worn-out blood cells, toxins, and bad cholesterol. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment for primary sclerosing cholangitis without delay. The providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas are pleased to offer specialty treatment for primary sclerosing cholangitis. For more information about this disease or to receive care for PSC in Dallas, TX, please request a consultation with a member of our gastroenterology team today.

While the root cause of PSC remains unclear, it is believed to involve an immune reaction to an infection or a toxin. Primary sclerosing cholangitis can be hereditary, which means that if a close relative has or had this condition, you have a greater chance of having it as well. Factors that increase the risk of developing primary sclerosing cholangitis include:

  • Being a man
  • Having inflammatory bowel disease
  • Age (PSC is most commonly found in those between the ages of 30 – 50)
  • Heritage (those of Northern European descent are at an elevated risk for PSC)

Our providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas can provide further details involving the potential reasons behind primary sclerosing cholangitis and help you understand your risk of developing this chronic condition.

PSC is most commonly diagnosed during routine testing for other health issues prior to signs or symptoms even developing. Treating PSC is more successful when the disease is diagnosed early. The first symptoms of primary sclerosing cholangitis could involve fatigue and itching. Additional signs and symptoms of PSC include:

  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)
  • Dry eyes
  • Soreness in the muscles
  • Brittle bones
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Dark skin not associated with sun exposure
  • Joint pain
  • Pain in the upper right abdominal area
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Excessive sweating during sleep
  • Chills
  • Swelling in the ankles and feet
  • Dark and oily bowel movements
  • Dry mouth

You should request a consultation with a Digestive Health Associates of Texas provider if you are experiencing excessive itching on a good portion of your body, or if you feel very tired more often than not. It is especially imperative to mention these symptoms to your doctor if you have an inflammatory bowel disease IBD, including ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

The medical community has not yet found a cure for primary sclerosing cholangitis. Many of the treatments address the narrowed bile ducts as well as the complications and symptoms that accompany the disorder. Our Dallas, TX gastroenterologists may advise having one or more of the options listed here to treat primary sclerosing cholangitis:

  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Balloon dilation to expand narrowed bile ducts
  • Liver transplant procedure
  • Surgery to temporarily open bile duct obstructions
  • Antibiotics for infections
  • Topical creams to manage itching
  • Nutrition support therapy
  • Stent placement for obstructed or narrowed bile ducts
  • Remain at a healthy weight
  • Routine exercise

It is important to request a consultation with your Digestive Health Associates of Texas provider to develop a treatment plan best suited to meet your healthcare needs.

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Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a chronic liver condition that can affect your health in several ways, and it might lead to further health conditions if left untreated. However, our gastroenterology providers at Digestive Health Associates of Texas can offer the specialized care you require and elevate your quality of living. To locate a provider who offers primary sclerosing cholangitis treatment in Dallas, TX, please contact a location in your area to request a consultation without delay.

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