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Most individuals who are parents will be familiar with the term jaundice, but understanding the symptoms can help individuals to be able to recognize it when it arises. Jaundice is a frequent concern in newborn babies, characterized by yellow-toned skin and yellowing of the white regions of the eyes. This problem results when bilirubin (red-orange pigment produced by the breakdown of red blood cells within the liver) cannot be processed or removed from the body fast enough due to the infant's developing liver. It could also happen as a result of Rh incompatibility between the mother and baby, inadequate milk supply, internal bleeding or bruising during delivery, enzyme shortage, infection, liver disease, or abnormal red blood cells. Mild jaundice is commonly seen in premature newborns and generally improves in a week or two. If your child has jaundice, you should consider calling one of our GI physicians so that you can talk to a board-certified specialist in Dallas, TX at Digestive Health Associates of Texas.

Signs of progressed jaundice can include a fever higher than 100°F, an increase in the yellow tone, difficulty sucking or feeding, sleeping too much, and high-pitched screaming. The extent of jaundice cannot be determined only through a visual assessment, so our experts normally recommend conducting a blood count to measure the amount of bilirubin. Additional tests such as blood type, RBC count, and Rh mismatch to detect an existing condition, may be recommended by our Digestive Health Associates of Texas providers if initial testing fails to yield definitive results.

Depending on the severity of jaundice, we consider treating it through various methods. Our Dallas, TX team might recommend jaundice therapy that includes increased breastfeeding (8 – 12 feedings each day). Severe instances could require light therapy, which utilizes a blue-green spectrum light to destroy bilirubin, as well as blood transfusion, to offset the unhealthy blood by using fresh blood cells. In a situation where your newborn's test results show extremely high totals of bilirubin and light therapy has not effectively addressed their issue, they might qualify for a blood transfer. During this process, blood from a corresponding donor with healthy levels of bilirubin will be administered to your newborn. Within several hours, the infant's blood can be tested to ensure that the process was successful.

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If your newborn is dealing with jaundice, you probably have some apprehension regarding their overall health and wellness. We want to assure you that this concern is extremely widespread and readily treatable. The specialists at Digestive Health Associates of Texas can address jaundice, along with any additional disorders that could impact the liver and the adjacent digestive system. If you're searching for a gastrointestinal physician offering care for jaundice in Dallas, TX that you can trust, call our team today.

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