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Fecal impaction, also known as intestinal obstruction, is a GI issue that arises when a hard mass of stool restrains and blocks proper functioning of your small or large intestine. If you notice difficulty passing stool or letting out gas, or experience abdominal pain and a swollen stomach, an intestinal obstruction may be a cause worth investigating. In the event that this blockage exists, it is crucial to receive help from a GI provider to prevent the condition from worsening. At Digestive Health Associates of Texas, our experienced professionals have plenty of experience helping patients who experience bowel obstruction. To get more details regarding this issue or to get impacted bowel care in Dallas, TX, please call our staff as soon as you can.

Common markers of a bowel obstruction often include abdominal pain and a swollen stomach. They can also be accompanied by:

  • Bloating
  • A feeling of fullness and loss of appetite
  • Watery stool falling out of the rectum
  • Nausea or throwing up
  • A headache
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Severe discomfort or pain in the stomach
  • A sensation of needing to push out stool uncontrollably

If you have any of the problems listed here, reach out to a GI provider at Digestive Health Associates of Texas to receive prompt assistance and treatment for your impacted bowel.

Bowel obstructions can range in severity, from partial to total blockages. It is crucial to set up a visit with a specialist if you cannot resolve the obstruction at home with laxatives or other drugstore remedies, as an unattended blockage might lead to a critical issue if not treated adequately.

Intervention for a blocked bowel will vary. Upon determining the source behind the blocked bowel, the proposed treatment can range from manual removal to an enema (colon cleansing). Following therapy, there are also proactive steps that patients can take to prevent a recurrence of an impaction. This preventive treatment plan involves taking in sufficient fiber, ample fluid consumption, and working out often to aid in digesting your food.

Assistance provided by our expert Dallas, TX GI physicians is only an appointment away. We strive to steer you in the right direction to address your issues correctly.

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To get help for an impacted bowel in Dallas, TX, we encourage you to contact us. The experts at Digestive Health Associates of Texas will be able to offer the help you need to go back to your regular life and prevent bowel impactions from progressing to a more serious issue. Our experienced doctors can help you receive the therapy necessary to help make certain that your digestive problem won't bring about a larger, more concerning issue.

Dr. Mantas is fantastic. He genuinely cares about his patients and follows up to be certain you are getting the right attention. He correctly diagnosed my acid reflux and prescribed the right medication to get my life back on track. I couldn't be more grateful.

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Good doctor.

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Dr. Danda is a wonderful and caring doctor I love her as a person and a Doctor her nurse is sweet and wonderful too thank y'all so much you both are 100 percent A+ thank you for caring

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Have known Dr Kinda both personally and professionally for many years- no better gastroenterologist in Dallas- staff is helpful and knowledgeable- short waiting time

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There is nothing worse than when your child is sick. Dr. Russo is an amazing specialist and goes out of his way to make you and your child feel comfortable, heard and safe in his care. He never rushes through your appointment and does a great job of explaining things. He also makes that personal connection with you and your child and it shows and makes all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend Dr. Russo to anyone looking for a pediatric GI specialist.

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