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Fatty liver disease (hepatic steatosis) is a condition in which fat bunches up in the liver cells. This may create hepatitis (liver inflammation), which can, in turn, evolve to scarring and irrecoverable damage. There are two primary types of fatty liver disease: NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and alcoholic steatohepatitis (alcoholic fatty liver disease). If the intensity of the condition gets worse, or if it's left untreated, fatty liver disease can develop to liver cirrhosis, medically known as hepatic cirrhosis, and eventually liver failure.

It is essential to understand the symptoms of fatty liver disease and notice the signs your body is sending you and contact a GI doctor at Digestive Health Associates of Texas if you think you might have this disease to schedule an appointment. For more information, contact our Dallas, TX group to find a GI specialist near you.

Hepatic steatosis could often display in the body with zero symptoms. Some of the symptoms that could appear, however, could include:

  • Red palms
  • Abdominal swelling and swelling in the legs
  • Feeling full in the middle or top right side of the abdomen
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Oversized liver
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)
  • Enlarged blood vessels just under the skin’s surface

There are a few classifications of fatty liver disease, with non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis (fatty liver disease) and alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) being the primary two. The causes of the non-alcoholic conditions are not well-known, but they are associated with obesity, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and elevated levels of lipid in the blood. AFLD is caused by consuming an extreme amount of alcohol.

Treatments vary depending on the kind of fatty liver disease you have and how affected the liver is. Often, the liver is not in a severe state and proceeds to function as normal. However, if treatment is necessary, your gastrointestinal physician at Digestive Health Associates of Texas might advise the following:

  • Minimize alcohol use (if alcoholic fatty liver disease is present)
  • Lose weight
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccinations
  • Liver transplant
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Both NAFLD and alcoholic fatty liver disease could move forward to cirrhosis and sometimes liver failure. The primary variation separating the two is that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is generally related to overweight people and individuals with diabetes. Alcoholic steatohepatitis is solely connected to exorbitant alcohol consumption.

For patients experiencing fatty liver disease in Dallas, TX, there is hope and treatment possible at Digestive Health Associates of Texas. Our network of gastroenterologists aims to provide patient-centric treatment that maintains the maximum clinical standards. If you suspect you have or have been diagnosed with this deadly condition, connect with the gastroenterologists at Digestive Health Associates of Texas to find a GI specialist in your area.

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