Reasons to Say No to Tobacco

Approximately 37 million adults in the U.S. currently smoke cigarettes. Additionally, 16 million Americans are affected by a smoking-related disease. If these facts aren’t enough to get you to quit smoking, DHAT has put together a list of additional reasons you should say “no” to tobacco.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of health issues in the U.S.

Smoking causes around 480,000 deaths in the United States, annually. This number is inclusive of second-hand smoking deaths too. These deaths are sometimes from heart disease, cancer, stroke, or lung disease caused by smoking.

In addition to putting you at risk for deadly diseases, smoking may also cause changes in your brain. The changes it can make are similar to the effects of using drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Smoking is expensive

On average, the price of a pack of cigarettes is around five to eight dollars, depending on where you live. The amount of money you could save from quitting is surprising and might even be enough to influence people to ditch the nasty habit.

If you smoke one pack a day, you’re spending well over $2,000 a year on cigarettes alone. If you quit, you’d have all of that money to do whatever you want with, instead of spending on something that may ultimately kill you. Over ten years, this money will continue to add up and you’d eventually save around $20,000, all from quitting one bad habit.

Smoking ruins your appearance

The main reason to quit smoking is that it can kill you, but to some people, that oddly isn’t enough to get them to quit. So, there are other reasons besides the fact that it can cause you to have a serious, life-threatening disease.

In addition to hurting your wallet, smoking can also hurt your looks and hygiene. Smoking stains your teeth, fingernails, and leaves behind a near permanent stench on your body. If you were to quit smoking, you’d start to notice that your teeth will look whiter, your fingernails won’t look yellow anymore, and your breath will smell better.

Over time, you’ll ever start to notice that you look a bit younger. Smoking can age people much faster, and no one wants that. So if you quit now, you’ll look better, smell better, and ultimately feel better about yourself.

Smoking hurts your friends and family

Lastly, smoking affects those you care for the most. In some cases, it can directly affect their physical health in addition to emotional health. Second-hand smoke has been proven to increase the risk of heart disease and lung cancer in those you smoke around.

In addition to this, it must hurt your family to see you inhaling something that has killed millions of people. It causes stress and anxiety in those closest to you, making them worry about your health and your life. The longer you smoke, the more likely you are to develop cancer, heart disease, or other diseases.

So, quit now before it’s too late. There are numerous resources to help you quit smoking. The National Cancer Institute has created, a website with educational information, tools, tips and support groups for kicking the habit. Always be honest with your physician if you are a smoker, not only does it impact your medical examination and treatment, but they can offer resources to help you quit.